Why Kids love Bounce Houses

Bounce houses are loved and adored by children. Their eyes simply light up when they see that inflatable bounce house being put up in their own backyard and cry when it is being taken down. But what is it about a bounce house that kids love so much?

Perhaps it is the shape of the particular bounce house that they have for their party? They come in different shapes. Some of them are simply square boxes that are the shape of a house. Many can be circle shaped, like a birthday cake or animal. Still others come in special character shapes that are popular at the moment. (We have toy story, scooby-doo, mickey mouse, frozen, and spiderman bounce houses).

Maybe kids are drawn to the colors of the bounce house that is set up in their backyard? The things come in many different colors. Perhaps the manufacturers know which colors the kids enjoy and are drawn to.

Bouncers come in many different themes as well. This could be a major reason why kids are so magnetized to the inflatable houses. They can be made in almost any cartoon character or animal imaginable.

Most kids will tell you that they love bounce houses because they are simply the most fun thing they could think of doing at their party. There is simply nothing better. They get to keep the bouncer for an extended period of time, often all day. They have the opportunity to bounce with their friends on these bouncy things, laughing and playing the whole time.

That is the simple answer. Bounce houses are simply fun and that is why kids love them so much.


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